Just put the movie up on the google+ community.

Here it is:


Weekly breakdown of work achieved weeks 8 – 12

Week 8

Discussed what we looked at over the break; Did rough outline of what needs to be done. Created breakdown of movie (beginning, middle, end).

Week 9

Discussed possible music choices. Started editing.

Week 10

12-2pm – Extra filming.

2-5pm – Editing stuff

Week 11

Monday – 12.30pm-4pm – More filming

Tuesday – 9am – 5.00pm – Editing stuff

Wednesday – 12 – 2pm – last little bit of filming

Wednesday – 2-5pm – Editing chaos

At approximately 4.15 iMovie crashed and after 45 minutes of panicked searching looked like movie was possibly corrupted. Later that evening, WordPress suspended our account causing further chaos.

Thursday – 1pm – 2.30pm – collected videos for reediting process.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Spent reediting final movie.

Week 12

Tuesday – 9am – 1.30pm – trying to get computer to work, and waiting for technician until kicked out of class by exam.

Tuesday – 5pm – 6pm – last minute editing, references, and other stuff.

Still to do:

Put Movie on YouTube & Google+ community.

Show movie to class.

References continued

References so far


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Sound effects 

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work done this week…

We got together on Monday (several hours) to get a bit more filming done.

Tuesday (9am -5pm) was spent in wt910 working on the editing.

Wednesday met up before class (12 – 2) to get the last few little bits of filming finalised. Then went to class to put everything together. Just after 4 sat down as a group and watched the movie as it was (nearly done). Went to add one more piece of Augmented Reality video when iMovie crashed. Looks like iMovie may be corrupted, and we may have lost all our work.

Work for the week:

Try to see if there is any way to retrieve movie.

If not, restart editing from scratch, and pray we can get it done in time

On that note, I just got this advice from a friend, hoping to get to the computer ASAP to try it out:

“First check iMovie projects or events folder under ‘movies’. make sure nothing’s hiding, sometimes iMovie can just lose the links to projects but they still sit there.

Second, check trash (simple but effective sometimes)

Third, see if IT there can help with this free DL

It’s file recovery, but might find the appropriate individual files.

Fourth, Use ‘go’ menu and ‘folder’ to get to: /Library and have a look for imovie folder in there (as well as the application support folder>imovie. (should be able to look, 

If not that library, use user library. Same instructions, with: ~/Library

search same places.”



“… nexus analysis is the mapping of semiotic cycles of people, discourses, places, and mediational means involved in the social action we are studying.”

(Scollon & Scollon 2004)

Nexus Analysis was our chosen theory. Our interview questions were shaped around 3 main connecting areas: Past Experiences, Changes through Time and Technology. These components were used to help shape the format of our movie.

Voice over for stats


1 Twilight books inspired on Pride and Prejudice- Knew: 2 vs. Didn’t know: 14

When quizzed if people knew the highly popular Twilight series were inspired by a classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, from the total interviewed, only 2 knew.


2 Austen: 5 vs. Meyer: 7

From the people interviewed, the modern day writer Stephanie Meyer was preferable over classic author Jane Austen.

3 Shakespeare: 11 vs. Rowling: 7

In contrast, when asked who was preferable between Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling, the classical writer of Romeo and Juliet came out on top.

4 Elizabeth Bennett – Knew: 4 vs. Didn’t know: 12

It is interesting to find Pride and Prejudice is such a well known classic yet when asked only 30% of people actually knew who the protagonist was.

5 Hermione Granger – Knew: 15 vs. Didn’t know: 1

On the other hand, it’s no surprise all but one knew who the modern character Hermione Granger was.


6 Consider Film a form of Literature – Yes: 11 vs. No: 3

It is interesting to note that most people consider film a form of literature, when technically speaking the definition of literature is written works.

7 Book: 11 vs. Film: 7

From the consensus, reading a book is slightly favourable over watching a film. Some mention there is more detail in the books, which is why they enjoy it more.

8 Screen: 1 vs. Book: 15

When asked which they preferred to read on, there is no contest. The stats show the physical book is still clearly favoured over modern technology.