IMPORTANT: Weekly breakdown of Responsibilities and work achieved from weeks 1-7

Week 1

Did not meet in class due to being in separate classes; emailed ideas to each other over the in-between week.

Week 2

Mind mapped topic ideas (came up with – Music, TV/Movies, Literature, Uni life, Social Media, Media, Communications, Food/Drink, Arts, Fanfiction, & Sports) and decided on our topic Literature. Decided we all wanted to do a little of everything, so each set off to research each area we talked about (Definition of mainstream & Modern, definition of Literature, trend of books being turned to movies, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Myers, whether film is considered literature). Created a possible storyboard.

Week 3

Put together a working timeline(when we would film, edit, etc). Talked over theories and augmented reality. Chose Nexus Analysis as our Theory to incorporate somehow in our movie (Literature through time, Technology affects, previous experience, our movie, literature). Posed many questions to Lynn.

Week 4

Filming week! Meet Monday afternoon to begin filming, did approximately three or four hours at AUT city campus; managed 12(ish) interviews with students. Wednesday, meet first at class, then took to the streets to interview general public (including ourselves); did approximately 2 hours on the streets.

Thyra: Frontal interview camera shots. Pick up shots.

Luando: Asked interviewees to be interviewed. Side shot interview filming. Pick up shots.

Amanda: Interviewer. Pick up shots. ‘Microphone’ (iPhone) holder.

Week 5

The dreaded Editing week! Started editing during class time. Stayed an hour longer to get more editing done. Still not done, only sitting at 1.20ish. Discussed music options, and all went home to research possible music tracks, and sound effects. All did the editing, in the way of deciding beginning middle and end, sound choices, wording of voice-over, quote choice, etc.

Thyra: Researched music choices, verbal editing

Luando: Researched music choices, verbal editing

Amanda: Physical editing

Week 6

More of the dreaded editing. Meet up on Tuesday morning (from 8.30am – 1pm) to finalize trailer. Added in all music choices, did voice overs (with many problem had), added in more film, made sure trailer had beginning middle and end. All did the editing, in the way of deciding beginning middle and end, sound choices, wording of voice-over, quote choice, etc. Wednesday, Showed trailer in class.

Thyra: Verbal editing

Luando: Verbal editing

Amanda: Physical editing

Week 7

Discussed what do to improve final movie (make sure no background noise to disturb vocal recordings). Relooked at criteria. Set up weekly timeline for after break, and breakdown of previous weeks work. Got confused as to what we could do to get better grades (discussed with Clare on her opinions as to why the grades we got); decided to talk to Philippa about what we can do to improve both movie and results when she gets back. Discussed the need for constant updates of WordPress so that Philippa can see that we did all do the same amount of work, and a lot of it. More in-depth research to be done over the break, and put up on wordpress. Keeping in contact over break via wordpress. Discussed things to be done over break, before week 8 begins.

– Clear outline of beginning, middle, end

– How to incorporate Theory into movie

– What we do/don’t want to include in final movie

– Message we want to portray

– How we want to include augmented reality into the movie

– Finalize timeline for weeks 8 – 12 so we have enough time to make any unforeseen adjustments.

– Discuss music and sound effects for final movie

– Anything else that arises over the break


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