Possible Timeline (Weeks 8 – 12)

I put together a rough timeline for the last half of semester. Let me know what you think; anything you think should be added, removed, or moved. Just a rough draft to give us something to work with.


Week 8

Put everything we worked on over the break together for clear structure (beginning middle, end) of film, and what we need to get done in the next four weeks. Look at footage.


Week 9

Start editing so we know what have/need and how it all works together.


Week 10

Pick up shots, and editing


Week 11

Editing, Powerpoint creation, any needed pick up shots


Week 12

Movie Due mid week. Last minute touch-ups, changes, or panicking.


3 thoughts on “Possible Timeline (Weeks 8 – 12)

  1. I think this is a pretty realistic timeline. I think week 8 will be the most important to discuss and plan how we want the movie to be structured collectively so we can get straight into it week 9.

    Also an idea, I think maybe if we get the pick up shots outside of class so we have more time to edit in class time would be a good idea.

  2. I agree with the both of you. Also, we may look to see if we need more people for to interview as well we can do that out of class time or even individually and bring to class to add to the movie

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