Movie Structure

I’ve been trying to think about the structure of our movie and what messages we may want to portray. This is only a draft of initial thoughts which can totally be discarded. 

Ideas of messages:
– Our views of literature are shaped by many factors; or
– Modern literature vs Classic literature. Is one considered better than the other?

Beginning – What is literature/How do we define it

Definition of Literature (spoken and typed onto the screen)
-examples of literature 

Our 4 authors we will be looking at (Quick bio accompanied with pictures)

What are people’s definition of literature 

Middle – 

Interview questions on screen, answers from public

Panning shots of locations 

Rise of technology age – affects on reading?


End –  What have we learned 

Conclusions from interviews –  literature is subject to opinion.


One thought on “Movie Structure

  1. It’s good, but I think it’s actually a better idea to use the interviews throughout, not just in the middle. Also the bit about the authors should be used to introduce the authors interview section, which I think should go with the literature through time section.I also think we should leave anything about our theory out, make it more like a documentary you would see on tv, or something. Something anyone could watch and understand what was going on.
    I think something more like:


    Definition of literature
    Other peoples definition of literature


    Show the three sections of the theory )without saying were looking at the theory) and use those as the structure of the middle section.


    Rounding up everything we just showed (basically showing what we’ve learnt, without saying ‘we learnt’)

    So basically I would lean more toward the first of the two ‘messages’, but slightly extend it as it doesn’t quite incorporate all the sections of our theory

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