Today in class



Introduction to Literature – What is literature, & definition

– But is that definition what we as individuals see literature as.


Three main areas of Theory

– Past experiences shaping how we see literature now.

– Literature changing through time. Why is it that those classics are remembered through so much time? (use of stats collected)

– How the times have changed how we see literature in the changing of technology.


A round up of everything we previously showed


Stats from interviews:

Book: 11 vs. Film: 7

Shakespeare: 11 vs. Rowling: 7

Austen: 5 vs. Meyers: 7

Twilight books based on Pride and Prejudice- Knew: 2 vs. Didn’t know: 14

Elizabeth Bennett – Knew: 4 vs. Didn’t know: 12

Hermione Granger – Knew: 15 vs. Didn’t know: 1

Consider Film a for of Literature – Yes: 11 vs. No: 3

Screen: 1 vs. Book: 15


Questions in sections:


What is Literature to you?

Previous Experience:

What literature have you looked a in the past, and has it affected what you read now?

Literature through time:

What type of literature do you like?

Statistics Questions

Technology on Literature:

Book or Film?

Is Film a form of Literature?

Screen or Book?


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