I have looked up a few articles on classic literature; here are a few quotes out of those texts. (I have the full original texts on my computer if you want to look further into the topic/article)

“Talking about «Classics and Comparative Literature» is artificial;
thè subject would be more appropriately defined as just
«Classics and Literature», for thè best literary criticism of classical
texts is, and must necessarily be, informed by thè study of
literature as a whole. The most sensitive practitioners of literary
criticism in Classics have always drawn heavily, directly or indirectly,
on other literatures. Since we learn how to enjoy and
interpret literature from our first readings in our mother tongue,
every classical critic is also, at some level, consciously or
not, a comparatisi. And a good deal of what we traditionally do
is in itself comparative. One cannot work on Virgil without
Homer, on Ovid without Callimachus, or on Senecan tragedy
without Euripides.” – C. Segal (1984)

“I would suggest that classics are primarily “mythic”…..telling people what they need to know about themselves” – W. McCarty (1992)


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  1. It’s great to see your group working really well and exploring lots of different areas. Is it possible for you to leave your name when commenting so I can tell who is doing the posting on the blog?

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