Basic Outline

Here is the outline as discussed in class… We can change anything at any point, I just thought it would be good to see a structure written down not just in discussion format.


Definition typed across screen.

Augmented reality into AUT from NZ wide shot.

Opening Spiel (to be filmed on Monday)

What is Literature to you videos.


Spiel connecting peoples perception of what literature is, to how their past has affected their present reading habits.

Videos on how past has affected present

Videos on which authors people like

Spiel connecting past affects/preferences to past & modern/current literature. Then connecting all to authors we looked at.

Some of our stats involving our authors, characters, and knowledge of literature. (audio over)

Spiel linking previous topic, to the change in more than just literature, but the way we view it… Technology.

Stats & Questions for the technology section.


Round up of everything in short spiel.



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