Voice over for stats


1 Twilight books inspired on Pride and Prejudice- Knew: 2 vs. Didn’t know: 14

When quizzed if people knew the highly popular Twilight series were inspired by a classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, from the total interviewed, only 2 knew.


2 Austen: 5 vs. Meyer: 7

From the people interviewed, the modern day writer Stephanie Meyer was preferable over classic author Jane Austen.

3 Shakespeare: 11 vs. Rowling: 7

In contrast, when asked who was preferable between Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling, the classical writer of Romeo and Juliet came out on top.

4 Elizabeth Bennett – Knew: 4 vs. Didn’t know: 12

It is interesting to find Pride and Prejudice is such a well known classic yet when asked only 30% of people actually knew who the protagonist was.

5 Hermione Granger – Knew: 15 vs. Didn’t know: 1

On the other hand, it’s no surprise all but one knew who the modern character Hermione Granger was.


6 Consider Film a form of Literature – Yes: 11 vs. No: 3

It is interesting to note that most people consider film a form of literature, when technically speaking the definition of literature is written works.

7 Book: 11 vs. Film: 7

From the consensus, reading a book is slightly favourable over watching a film. Some mention there is more detail in the books, which is why they enjoy it more.

8 Screen: 1 vs. Book: 15

When asked which they preferred to read on, there is no contest. The stats show the physical book is still clearly favoured over modern technology.


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