Weekly breakdown of work achieved weeks 8 – 12

Week 8

Discussed what we looked at over the break; Did rough outline of what needs to be done. Created breakdown of movie (beginning, middle, end).

Week 9

Discussed possible music choices. Started editing.

Week 10

12-2pm – Extra filming.

2-5pm – Editing stuff

Week 11

Monday – 12.30pm-4pm – More filming

Tuesday – 9am – 5.00pm – Editing stuff

Wednesday – 12 – 2pm – last little bit of filming

Wednesday – 2-5pm – Editing chaos

At approximately 4.15 iMovie crashed and after 45 minutes of panicked searching looked like movie was possibly corrupted. Later that evening, WordPress suspended our account causing further chaos.

Thursday – 1pm – 2.30pm – collected videos for reediting process.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Spent reediting final movie.

Week 12

Tuesday – 9am – 1.30pm – trying to get computer to work, and waiting for technician until kicked out of class by exam.

Tuesday – 5pm – 6pm – last minute editing, references, and other stuff.

Still to do:

Put Movie on YouTube & Google+ community.

Show movie to class.


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